My relationship with Douglas Printing goes back maybe 25+ years from when I was a freelance artist. They are a family-owned Christian company; however, based on price alone, their company most often wins our bid. They have never missed a print deadline, and they deliver quality work.

– Leanne B. Adams, Publications Specialist
   Executive Committee, Southern Baptist Convention

Douglas Printing is a trusted vendor I count on for quality work and fair prices. Not only is my printing business well cared for, but I also feel genuinely cared for as a person. That means a lot.

– Cristi Boulter, Print Buyer

Douglas Printing has been a very close working partner of Powell Creative since 2003. They're really not our 'Vendor', they're our 'Partner', in every aspect of the meaning. We've experienced exceptional quality in their printing, competitive pricing, and client service that's second to none. Everyone at Douglas Printing has gone out of their way to ensure the job is handled properly, on time and on budget. Tim Douglas, our rep, has helped make Powell Creative look 'great' in our clients' eyes, that's for sure! That's made it a 'Win-Win' proposition. I highly recommend Douglas Printing!

– Wayne Powell, President / Senior Creative Director
Powell Creative, LLC

Douglas Printing is the The Jason Foundation’s preferred print company. As our service to the community is education, printing is an enormous facet of our organization. For over 10 years, Douglas Printing has met the challenge of our high quality standards and sometimes tight deadlines with great efficiency and customer satisfaction. They have exhibited a “customer first” philosophy that has made our work much easier.

– Deborah Baca, Information Systems Coordinator
   The Jason Foundation

Douglas Printing has been a strategic partner of ours for many years, and we enjoy their wonderful service. We highly recommend them.

– Pam Greene, Director of Marketing
   P.O.P. Solutions Group, LLC